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Course in Renchen-Ulm

Bodhi Path - Buddhistisches Retreat-Zentrum Kaierstr. 18, 77871 Renchen-Ulm

A weekend with teachings and guided meditations. If you need an English translation, please request it at the center in Renchen Ulm. More information will follow soon!

Swiss Course 2023 – Working With Emotions, part 1

JK Haus Zweierhof 19, Schönenberg

All our lives we are accompanied by attachment, anger, envy, pride and mental blindness. They determine our perception and the actions that result from that. When we live them out, it will cause unpredictable entanglements ; when we try to suppress them they will pile up and further occupy our minds. Both approaches are unhelpful Read More

Lama Chris: The four forces and the practice of Dorje Sempa

Dharmazentrum Braunschweig - Karma Dechen Ling Kreuzstr 70a, Braunschweig

A weekend explaining the Dorje Sempa practice and the four forces that help us purify karmic imprints that lie like veils over our Buddha-nature. Teachings and practice sessions.

Dhagpo Möhra – How to prepare for death

Dhagpo Möhra Hofmannshöhe 1, Moorgrund-Möhra, Thüringen

  This year we will conclude  the teachings on Gendün Rinpoche's  Heart Advice of a Mahamudra Master, the final chapter on Preparing for Death. Rinpoche describes the various experiences of practitioners at the moment of dying, and gives explanations on the bardo. In addition, he presents the benefits of tonglen practice as a preparation for Read More

North Course 2023 – 7 Point Mind training, part 1

Hof am Wege Hans-Heinrich-Sievert-Str. 15 ‍, Liensfeld

On the whole Buddhist Path the development of Bodhicitta is the essential point, because the vital point is how we can dissolve the delusion of self-centredness. The 7 Point Mind training includes both relative and absolute Bodhicitta. The more we engage with this teaching, the clearer we will see how it touches upon all aspects Read More