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Dharma Centre Braunschweig – The Three Pillars of Ethical Conduct, Meditation and Wisdom

Dharmazentrum Braunschweig - Karma Dechen Ling Kreuzstr 70a, Braunschweig, Germany

All of the Buddhist Path is based on these three aspects. They are deeply interconnected and reinforce each other. Ethical conduct forms the necessary basis for developing a stable and quiet mind. Because of this stable, quiet mind more and more clarity appears, which gives rise to the wisdom aspect of the mind. This topic Read More

Bodhi Path Zürich

Bodhipath Zürich Idaplatz 2a (im Hinterhof bei Atemtraining), Zürich, Switzerland

Lama Walli.  Details to be announced

Swiss Course 2023 – Bringing Emotions onto the Path, part 2

JK Haus Zweierhof 19, Schönenberg, Switzerland

Attachment, anger, envy, pride and mental blindness accompany us our whole lives. They condition our perception as well as the actions that result from that.  When we let them play out, completely unpredictable emotional entanglements will result. When we try to suppress them they pile up and occupy our mind. Both approaches are not helpful Read More

Retreat Course North – 7 Point Mind Training, part 2

Hof am Wege Hans-Heinrich-Sievert-Str. 15 ‍, Liensfeld, Germany

This year the Lamas will continue transmitting the Lojong or Mahayana Mind Training in Seven Points, following the commentary of Shamar Rinpoche. The development of Bodhicitta is the vital point of the entire Buddhist Path: dissolving the delusion of self-centeredness. This text addresses both relative and absolute Bodhicitta. The more we engage with this teaching, Read More

Bodhi Path Renchen-Ulm – Meditation

Meditation is the process of becoming aware. Normally, we have no understanding of how our minds function. That is to say, we hold our projections, that are based on thoughts and emotions, to be reality. Meditation is a gradual process in which we first learn to be wholly present and mindful with whatever is happening Read More